Ritual of Draconic Resurrection


The Ritual of Draconic Resurrection allows you to summon the Ender Dragon.

To set it up you will need the following items

  • (1) Resurrection Stone
  • (4) Glowstone Blocks
  • (4) Obsidian
  • (4) Diamond Blocks
  • (4) Charged Draconium Blocks (acquired by charging a Draconium block with 100M RF)
  • (12) Quartz Pillars

The ritual is set up like this.


The pillars dont have to be in that exact configuration as long as they are within 5 blocks of the Resurrection Stone it also looks a better if they are symmetrical.

Once you have that setup simply right click the Ritual stone and stand back. The ritual should start immediately if it doesn’t you have done something wrong.

During the ritual all of the Ender Crystals will be re-activated. At the end of the ritual there will be a massive explosion at the center of the structure that wont do too much damage to the terrain but will kill anything that is standing too close.

The dragon that is spawned by the ritual is almost identical to the original dragon except it has a different texture (By GreatOrator) and it gets harder to kill and deals more damage each time it is summoned (this increase is per player and stops when it reaches a certain difficulty) It also has regeneration for 25 seconds.